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Hischool for training institution

Study without limits

Transforming your training institution digitally enables your audiences to learn from anywhere and in anytime. With Hischool, take your institution to the next level and let your learners learn without limits in just a few minutes.

From professional certificates to academic degrees

Help your learners to take the next step toward their personal and professional goals with Hischool Student. Offer your learners from online courses to degree programs.


Offer online courses easily

With Hischool Learn, provide world-class online learning for your audience.


Empower your learners with blended learning

With Hischool Learn you can empower your learners through an online and in-person blended learning to create a truly integrated learning environment.


Manage online instructor-led learning

Use our powerful features to share information, engage students, track learners’ progress, and connect with members everywhere.


Designed for your training institution needs

Our solutions fit your training institutions’ unique needs.


Set up a custom homepage reflecting your branding and training purpose.


Announce new information across the training institution at the right time.

Centralized Administration

Manage all users, profiles, products settings, access control and more in one place.

eLearning Content

Boost engagement and learner’s success by making your content shine.

Discussion board

Discuss content with the creator to get a further understanding.

Virtual Classroom

Use a connected virtual classroom to collaborate, share, and talk with everyone.


Group chat helps you to stay connected with other members and brings you closer to them.


Instantly share photos, videos, and announcements on your posts and discuss them.

Comments and Reactions

Stay engaged in the online course with comments and reactions.

Badge and Awards

Encourage and motivate your audiences with badges and awards.

Push Notification

Notification will be sent to the student's device when there's an important action

Shopping and eCommerce

You can offer your course for free or with a price on our eCommerce.

Mobile learning

With mobile learning, you can make your content available anytime, anywhere.

Do you want to create your online school?