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Hischool for K12

Transform your school digitally

With digital transformation, your school's education quality and administrative processes can be taken to the next level.

Online school

A faster and easier way to get to an online school

Build a digital version of your school. We will create your online school in minutes in just one click.


Student Management

Manage your student's lifecycle fully

You can easily manage curriculum, enrollment, course planning, class scheduling, grading, credit transfer, movement, and graduation.



Taking additional classes

Whether you want to catch up in class or explore your interests and hobbies, you can take online courses for your every kind of need.


Virtual Classroom

Get full classroom experience

Because our classroom is designed to fit your every need, you will not miss your traditional classroom. Whiteboard, communication, homework, and announcement – we have them all!


Assignment and gradebook

Track and measure student progress

Our realtime tracking progress allows you to take care of your learner without delay and track your student’s progress.


Designed for your K12 needs

Our solutions are designed for all primary needs of K12 that manage student life cycle, grades and assignment processes, teaching and learning online and keep you stay connected and engaged continuously.

Unified Home

Access all products and apps through the unified home.

Virtual Classroom

Create virtual classrooms and stay connected with your students.

Assessment & Grading

Easily manage final grades such as courses, exams, and milestones.

Classroom Tools

Share ideas, meet online, and teach on a whiteboard in the virtual classroom.


Set up a custom homepage reflecting your branding and training purpose.

Flexible Curriculum

Create and manage all kinds of programs, plans, and elements according to your needs.

Do you want to create your online school?