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Hischool for higher education

Focus on success

Instead of spending time on too many systems and relying on manual processes, install a single app and solve all your problems in one place. With Hischool, you can just focus on more important things that will help your students and institutions succeed.

Online school

Make the virtual reality of your school

After clicking on the Launch button and doing a few steps, you will have your school’s virtual reality on the cloud environment ready.


Student management

Easily manage your students

With Hischool Student, you can manage your students from admission to graduation.


Learning management

Teaching and learning online

Hischool Learn allows you to empower your student through eContent, extra materials, and online courses and reduces teachers’ workload.


Classroom management

Bring your teachers and students together

Using Hischool Classroom, bring your teacher and students to a virtual space like a school class, and stay connected. The class tools in the virtual classroom can give you a feeling of teaching in a physical class.


Assignment and gradebook

Track and measure student progress

Our realtime tracking progress allows you to take care of your learner without delay and track your student’s progress.


Designed for higher education needs


Set up a custom homepage reflecting your branding and training purpose.

Unified Home

Access all products and apps through the unified home.

School Announcement

Announce new information across the school at the right time.

Centralized Administration

Manage all users, profiles, products settings, access control and more in one place.

Flexible Curriculum

Configure academic policies, plans, calendars, and requirements for unique programs.

Course Planning

Course planning helps to manage student’s personal plans and subject selections.


The class schedule helps to manage the class enrollment of students.

Class enrollment

Students can enroll in a class and view an instructor’s teaching schedule from any device.


Manage final grades automatically with gradebook or insert them manually.

GPA calculation

GPA will be automatically calculated through your configuration.

Virtual classroom

Use a connected virtual classroom for you to collaborate, share, and talk with everyone.

eLearning Content

Boost engagement and learner’s success by making your content shine.

Do you want to create your online school?