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Hischool Learn

Engage and Educate

Hischool Learn empowers you to create, manage, present, track and improve the experience that engages and educates your audiences.

Create better educational content

We give you more ways to create, organize, manage and present your content.

Video Content

Add interesting video content with subtitles and voices in your eContent.

Article based Content

For courses that have mixed types of contents such as videos, images, and text.

Slide Show

Slides are better suited to give some insight. Show your content with creative slides.

Organize and Categorize

Organize and categorize your contents, topics, and learning path flexibly.

Lock Contents

With a lock, the next content will open after completing the current content.

Assessment and Quizzes

You can also add assessments or quizzes in one step of the content.

Play as learner

You can play your content from your audience’s view.


Make contents or courses with anyone in realtime.

Comments and Reactions

Stay engaged in the online course with comments and reactions.

Deliver, Engage, and Motivate

Your audiences can quickly find contents in many ways and learn in an engaged environment to get motivated.


Our recommendation engine suggests contents and topics based on your interest.

Browse and Discover

Audiences can find contents using discover, categories, topics, and refined search.

Saved Items

Sometimes people find what they need by chance. Do you not want to save it then?

Shopping and eCommerce

Offer your course for free or with a price on our eCommerce.

Badge and Awards

Encourage and motivate your audiences with badges and awards.

Discussion Board

Discuss a content with the creator in the discussion board.

Track, Measure, and Improve

We can help you identify the right measurement of success to monitor and improve the impact of your imagination.

Course Access

It shows you student’s the most recent access to a course and the total count.

Activity Tracking

It shows you student’s activities and clicks on contents, posts, and courses.

Diagnostic Assessment

Establish a baseline to compare what a student knew prior to a lesson and what they learned after to measure growth.

Completion Progress

Create a pathway in your course to keep the course content clear and organized.

Progress Analysis

Get detailed insights into students' performance to find students' conceptual knowledge gap.

Time in Content

With progress analysis, you can know how much time each student is spending on which content.


Check student's participation by seeing who downloaded the materials

Gradebook Integration

Integrate gradebook and automatically aggregate the scores and feedback from graded assignments and activities.

Content Analysis

Use analytic insights to create learning materials to improve understanding of student and knowledge retention.

Smarter and simpler way to educate and engage.

  • Visualize the future of your audience
    How do you imagine the future of your learners? What do you need? What do they need?
  • Create contents for your audience.
    Make your imagination a reality. Create contents to help your audience to achieve success.
  • Deliver your content in an effective way
    We will recommend your contents to new audience with recommendation engines by their interests, search results, and topics.
  • Engage and motivate your audiences
    Implement badges, awards, discussion board, comments, and reactions in your content to keep your audience engaged and motivated.
  • Imagine bigger and improve.
    Make more contents better and stronger than before. If you have a new idea, repeat again!