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Hischool Gradebook

Tracked and Informed

Hischool Gradebook eliminates uncertainty about course progress and final grades. Instead of waiting, track your grades and manage your studies in real-time.

Grading simple and flexible

You can easily create and manage all kinds of gradebooks for programs, courses, and classrooms that fit your needs. It also allows you to manage the assignment process and calculate the final grade.

Grade categories

Create assignment categories such as homework, project, and exam. Weigh final grades, group assignments, and view statistics of performance in certain categories.

Grading Periods

Create grading periods to group by a period of time, such as terms, semesters, or quarters for your needs. Use grading periods to filter the view, calculate grades, and view report.

Grading Schemes

Use different grading schemes that fit your gradebook. When the gradebook calculates the final grade, it displays a grade in letters (A, B, C) or in Pass/Fail to your configuration.


A rubric is a scoring tool you can use to grade work. Create multiple rubrics in your course. Students can use a rubric to understand the requirements of the graded work.

Tracking the progress of student

Realtime tracking progress allows you to take care of your learner without delay. It also predicts how much effort students will need to achieve their goals.


Create and publish assignments to your students, check and give points, and comment.

Calculate grades

Calculate assignments, categories, periods, and final grades according to setting up you need.

Share Grade

Share grade data and other information with anyone or choose not to show grades.

Grade History

View all grade actions and data for grades within a course.

Grade reports and Statistics

Harness calculated insights and analysis to maximize your final grade.

Keep students informed

Many ways keep students informed at exact times.

Push Notification

Notification will be sent to the student's device when there's an important action on assigments.

Submission and Grading

Grade assignments as soon as they are submitted.

Assignment Discussion

Discuss with your teacher or student under each assignment.

Comments and Reaction

Leave comments and reactions on assignments anytime.

Reminders / Notify

Never miss an important assignment with reminders.

How Gradebook works

Create gradebook

First, create gradebooks and setup periods, grading schemes, categories, and weights that fit the gradebook.

Add students

After creating a gradebook, the teacher can add relevant students from users to the gradebook. You can send an invitation and approve the request.

Create assignments

Create assignments such as homework, projects, exams, extra materials, or attendance, attach materials, and assign it to an individual or group members.

Submit assignments

When teachers assign assignments, students will be notified. Students can comment on it under the comments section and submit assignments with attachments.

Grade assignments

After students submit assignments, teachers can grade and comment on them. The final grade is calculated accordingly to the settings.