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Hischool Classroom

Stay Connected

Hischool Classroom allows you to bring class activities into a virtual environment. Use our powerful features to collaborate with each other, engage students, track students’ progress, and connect with members anywhere and anytime.

Virtual class

Bring your students together

Hischool classroom is a shared virtual space where students and teachers work together simultaneously. Bring your entire class members together in a virtual classroom and manage teaching and learning in an online or a hybrid environment.


Class collaboration

Supercharge class communication

Collaborate and communicate in a teaching and learning environment where participants can interact, communicate, view, and discuss lessons while working in class. Supercharge your class communication by sharing information and talking about issues with your class members at the right time.


Student engagement

Boost student engagement

Increase every student’s participation by holding a virtual meeting, having meaningful conversations, and assigning tasks and contents.


Student progress

Track and measure achievement

Strengthen your students by tracking and informing their progress, and empowering them to achieve their educational goals.


And there is a whole lot more to love...

Virtual Classrooms

Create, request, and join all kinds of virtual classrooms you need.

Pin/Unpin Classrooms

Pin your favorite classrooms for quick and easy access

Searchable threads

Search from a post or chat to find what you need.

Group Chat

Group chat helps you stay connected with other members and brings you closer to them.

Comments and Reactions

You can react to a post or a comment and comment on a post.

Classroom Category

The category helps you to quickly find the virtual classrooms you need to access.

Stickers and GIF

We have many GIF’s or sticker for when you need more than just words.

Customize & Decorate

Set up your virtual classroom with required tools and decorate them.

Easy to Join

You can join to classroom using a code or a QR code.

Approval to join

The classroom owner can approve a member who sent a request to join.

Block and Report

Block unwanted classroom or report problematic content to your institution.

Mark as unread

Marking a message as unread can help remind you to return to it later in chat.

Customize Notifications

You can customize notifications and adjust how you receive alerts.

Member Invitations

You can send invitation and easily invite members to the virtual classrooms.

Custom Reactions

You can customize your reactions with more emojis.

Discussion Board

Instantly share photos, videos, and announcements on your posts and discuss them.

Lock for commenting

If you don’t want to receive comments for the post, you can lock the comments.

Pin Post

You can pin important posts for all the members to see.

Report and Resolve

When something gets reported to your institution, they will review it and resolve the issue.

Reply and Reaction

Choose the exact message you want to reply, forward, and react in your chat or post.

Realtime Notification

We help you keep users informed with real-time alerts.